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          Company profile

          Industry information

          Yueqing Hongyu Electronics Co., Ltd.

                In 1997 to enter the connector industry, 2005 began specializing in RJ45 RJ11 connector, communication network connector R & D, manufacturing, sales, products are mainly used in telecommunications, computer networks and other digital communication cable. The company is located in the China connector production base: Hongqiao new town industrial zone of Yueqing city in Zhejiang province (National Geological Park - Yandang Mountain), the company has a group of technical personnel "efficient, professional, refinement, management and staff team. Strong technical force, advanced production testing equipment, using a variety of new automatic assembly equipment, ... [ detailed ]

          CONTACT US

          ADD: No.C-2 Xixi High-Industrial park,,hongqiao,Yueqing,Zhejaing,China.
          TEL: 0577-62337655
          FAX: 0577-62337658
          Post Code: 325608
          URL: http://www.pemoy.com
          E-mail: info@chinahye.com
          [ detailed ]

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          ADD:No.C-2 Xixi High-Industrial park,,hongqiao,Yueqing,Zhejaing,China. TEL:0577-62337655 FAX:0577-62337658